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Victory Treatment Program

(865) 337-7812

What is Vivitrol???

Vivitrol is NOT A NARCOTIC.


And is NON-ADDICTIVE like other treatment options that contain Naltrexone.


Once a month injection vs. daily pills or films.


For use in an Outpatient setting after detoxification has taken place.



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Victory Vivitrol Program, Vivitrol clinic in knoxville, stacey maltman fnp, victory vivitrol shot, opiate addiction treatment

TN 24 Hour Crisis 


Call 855-CRISIS-1


Vivitrol (Naltrexone) is a once a month injection given for treatment of opiate or alcohol addiction.


Vivitrol (Naltrexone) combats the physical symptoms and cravings while counseling and traditional talk therapy helps coping with the emotional aspect.

Vivitrol doctor knoxville, Victory Vivitrol Clinic, vivitrol shot, vivitrol doctor in knoxville, stacey maltman fnp
Stacey Maltman FNP, Maltman Medical Center in Knoxville TN, Primary Care Doctor in Knoxville, TennCare Doctor in Knoxville

Stacey Maltman FNP-BC, CEN

Stacey understands that addiction is both physical and emotional. She uses a multitude of community resources to address physical, emotional, medical, and financial factors.

Stacey provides compassionate care to those with substance dependence. She is an active member of NAADAC, TAADAS and advocates locally promoting addiction recovery thru RCADC, Roane County Drug Task Force, and public speaking.





How Vivitrol Works Video

Please contact the office for more information or see our programs website.