Women's Health

Well Woman Exam and Screening

As women our bodies go through many changes throughout our life. Having the dreaded "female exam" is something none of us enjoy but must have as part of maintaining a healthy body. PAP smears and Pelvic exams performed quickly in the office with privacy and efficiency. Our patients are put to ease with our friendly staff and providers. 


It is important to have a PAP smear to screen for cervical cancer and other abnormalities. Our all female staff make an uncomfortable situation easy and relaxing.

Contraception Management

We offer a multitude of options for contraception. There are many options including Birth Control Pills, The Mini Pill, The Depo Shot, Nexplanon, and IUD. Schedule an appointment for consultation to discuss the option that fits your lifestyle and is best for your overall health.

Menopause Management

Changes later in life can be demanding on our bodies and understanding these changes is half the battle. Management of menopause can be accomplished with different tools and medications. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers today to discuss which options are most suitable for you.


At Maltman Medical Center we strive to provide excellent care and assist our patients obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

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New Services

We are pleased to announce Stacey offers IUD placement and Nexplanon services in the office. 



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